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FHA Loan Benefits

An Federal Housing Administration (FHA) insured mortgage is often the best - and sometimes only -  option for many homebuyers. Check out the list below to understand some of the most basic benefits of an FHA mortgage.

Easier to Qualify for – because they’re insured by the federal government, FHA mortgages often have more lenient qualifying requirements than conventional loans.

Low Down Payment – FHA insured mortgages only require a 3.5% down-payment which can make it easier for people to own homes. Additionally, the 3.5% can come in the form of a gift from an eligilbe donor (usually a family member). In some cases, a small second mortgage or grant combined with an FHA first mortgage make it possible to buy a house with zero down payment.

Lower Credit Score Borrowers Qualify – whereas a Conventional mortgage normally requires a minimum 620 qualifying credit score, it's possible to qualify for an FHA mortgage through Latitude Lending with a qualifying score as low as 580.

Better Interest Rates – in many cases, borrowers will get a lower interest rate and lower total cost on their financing with an FHA mortgage. This is particularly true for borrowers with lower qualifying credit scores.

Assumability - FHA mortgages are in most cases "assumable". This means that when you go to sell your house, a qualified buyer could potentially take over (assume) your existing FHA loan. This can be a significant benefit, especially if the interest rate you have on your mortgage is lower than the prevailing rates available at the time you are selling.

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